Refund policy

Refund/ Cancellation Policy

Ticketmagic.me sells tickets on behalf of promoters who are responsible for the event organization and management. Ticketmagic.me takes an understanding approach to refunds and acts as an escrow between the customer and event organizer, below rules are applied to all ticket purchases unless stated otherwise on the ticket.

Customer can apply for a refund in below scenarios:

  • Customer not able to attend the event. Max 4 tickets per user per month. Must apply 72 hours before the event starts. This rule excludes events with extra terms and conditions from the organizer where refunds are prohibited.
  • Event Cancellation
  • Event date change (not time)

In all other circumstances once customer has collected the paper ticket from Ticketmagic.me, It will be Promoter’s duty to refund the ticket if an issue arises. Promoters refund policy will apply in this case. Ticketmagic.me therefore will not be held liable to refund the tickets in such a case.

All refunds will be made minus 5% transaction fee (Subject to change based on Processing Bank) which is charged by the processing bank, or any other transaction fee as charged by the processing Bank, and will be indicated in terms and conditions if it varies from the percentage above.

To gain a refund on tickets for a cancelled or rescheduled event please contacts us. Please make sure to give us your transaction number, ticket number, email address, full name and telephone number.

Refunds will be done only through the Original Mode of Payment